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Northumberland County Council is on a mission to celebrate and share Northumberland's stories and the people of Northumberland. In every corner of our landscape, people are doing incredible things. From businesses big and small, to community groups, entrepreneurs, innovators and adventurers, we bring you their stories and hope you will join us in discovering our land.

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With the opening of Northumberland's first whiskey distillery, Ad Gefrin, we're focussing our attention of the wonderful market town of Wooler - home to this world class visitor attraction along with a vibrant high street full of fantastic independent retailers.

Mixing business and pleasure


Discover our Land is here to share everything that is great about Northumberland and show the world what we are made of.  Whether you’re looking to invest, live, work or just visit and see Northumberland for yourself, this site will take you off the beaten track and introduce you to people. places and experiences you never knew existed. 

Discover Northumberland's social side

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