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Where metal meets imagination


Nestled along the Northumberland coast you'll find a spectacular place where metal meets imagination. Using objects found in nature as their inspiration, Stephen Lunn and his daughter Ashlee create exquisite metal artworks in the hot fires of their forge in Red Row.


Steeped in family history and a time-capsule for traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques, their family forge is a unique and special place that has served Northumberland since 1921. Once a place to shoe horses, Stephen and Ashlee's bespoke commissions have now gained them a notable following, with their work on display across the county including the much-admired gates at Alnwick Garden. 


Enjoy watching sparks fly in this perfect pairing of fantasy and fire!

Along the Northumberland coast by the north sea,

A blacksmith shop beckons me,

All black and dirty where no computer can go,

Delicate artwork blossoms and grows.

Mermaids, birds, fish and trees, 

Seaweed entwined and wrapped around rope, 

All of these things forged hot in the fire,

Cooled down for Northumberland to admire. 

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