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Meet Laura Hardy at Glamble Gifts & Accessories, a cosmetics retail business at Amble Harbour Village.


I sell a wide range of products in a tiny space, some of which I make myself, including bath bombs and soaps and others I source from a variety of different suppliers,.

Why do you think it is important to Shop Local? 

It’s extremely important to shop local when you can, as it really does give us shop owners such a boost, not only financially but emotionally too.  I invest so much time into making something, in the hope that someone else likes it too, so when someone buys something that I’ve made, or even if it’s a product I’ve sourced it’s a great feeling when you get feedback that they loved it. 


What do you love about your job? 

Everything! The Harbour Village is such a unique place to work that it almost doesn’t feel like a job sometimes. There’s also not many workplaces with a view like ours! I love every aspect of my job, from chatting to the customers, to making the products and there’s just so much a variety it’s a pleasure to come to work. 

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