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Dog-friendly cafes   in Northumberland 

A message from our furry DOL ambassador, Tilly:

Hello fellow doggos, puppers and hoomans! I’m Tilly the border collie X border terrier. I’m 9 months old and live with my hooman mum and dad, and was adopted from the RSPCA when I was very smol.


I love going on adventures with my hooman sister, she works in Northumberland so we get to visit some pretty amazing places on our travels!


We recently discovered a few dog friendly cafés in Northumberland and I loved them all! You can check out my full adventure by watching the video or reading what I thought of the places I visited so far below.

Tilly x

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Doggo Speak Translations:

  • Doggo = Dog

  • Pupper = Puppy

  • Hooman = Human, in this case referring to the owner or owner’s of the dog

  • X = Cross, meaning what two breeds are crossed

  • Smol = Small dog or puppy

  • Pats = The kind of petting a dog likes

  • Sis = Sister

  • Black Lab = Black Labrador, breed of dog

  • Westie = West Highland Terrier, breed of dog

  • Scramblies = Scrambled Eggs

  • Staycation = A vacation or holiday in one's own country

  • Fam = Family

  • Dawg = Slang word for ‘dog’

  • ‘Cuz = Slang word for ‘because’

  • Cuppa = Meaning a cup of hot drink usually caffeinated, i.e. tea or coffee

Tilly's Northumberland Cafe recommendations (written by Tilly of course...)

Castaway Tea Rooms, Seaton Sluice

Seaton Sluice is really nice. It had lots of interesting smells on the walk to the tea rooms and even though it was a bit breezy I really enjoyed playing with the other doggos on the beach. All the staff at the tea rooms were very nice and gave me lots of pats and treats.


Mummy and Daddy came with us and had the most epic corned beef and red onion toasties, and sis got a pretty decent ham and cheese toastie. They said the tea was good and they liked that they came in old fashioned tea cup. Hoomans like strange things. The cakes looked really good but I didn’t get to try any unfortunately.


There were a few other doggos in the tea rooms, all super friendly, and the staff were running a charity raffle in support of a local doggo cause.


Spokes Kitchen, Corbridge

This was my first outing on my own with my big sis. I was a bit nervous as I’d never visited Corbridge before and there were lots of older doggos about. But once we were in Spokes Kitchen I made friends with a couple of black labs and felt more at home.


Sis had scramblies on toast. She snuck me a piece and it was really nice. She said she really liked the decorations in the cafe. They have a cycling theme going on and sell things for bikes.


After she’d eaten we had a look out the back garden and got chatting to some cyclists from our neck of the woods. They were really friendly and told us about some more dog-friendly cafés to visit.

Drift Cafe, Cresswell

We’d never visited Creswell before and we thought it was beautiful! The beach was so big, it went on for miles! And the dunes were so much fun to play on!


We headed into Drift Cafe for a cuppa and a bite to eat. Mum had scramblies on toast - my favourite! - amd Sis had a delicious looking slice of cake but wouldn’t share any.


I felt right at home in the cafe, the staff were very friendly and they had lots of doggo treats and supplies on sale. They also sold artwork and old vinyl records, which Sis enjoyed looking through.



The Running Fox, Shilbottle


We’d heard loads of good stuff about The Running Fox so we thought we’d give it a visit. I got such a warm welcome from a fellow doggo when we arrived and was greeted with some lovely treats too.


Everyone inside had at least one doggo with them so I made lots of friends, especially with a Westie named Paddy. All the food smelled really good, and lots of hoomans were having something called ‘afternoon tea’, which involves a lot of sandwiches and cakes and prosecco.


They even had a little deli where you could buy their savoury and sweet foods to go, as well as some Northumbrian souvenirs.


After a full day of adventures and cake I was very sleepy, so we decided to head home so I could get my zzz’s on.

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