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Discover your career in Northumberland

Getting the balance right​

Everyone is striving to strike the balance between work and home, but here in Northumberland we think we’ve got everything you need to get that balance right.


There aren’t many places where you can finish work in one of our towns or industrial sites and within 10 minutes be in stunning countryside or enjoying the coastal air. With more castles than any other county in England, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hadrian’s Wall and miles of stunning walking and cycling routes, all on your doorstep, you can unwind from a busy day in no time.  

 Northumberland's growing sectors:

Northumberland offers plenty of excellent opportunities for people looking to build or progress a career in:

Offshore wind

and energy

Health and life sciences

Advanced manufacturing


Agri-tech and rural scale up

Creative industries

Unique work opportunities 

Northumberland is home to some unique work opportunities, particularly in the tourism and hospitality industries, where young people in particular have been developing careers under the tutelage of industry leaders. 


Watch Martin Charlton, founder of the Boat House Food Group, who is passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills to the next generation, or take a look at more people who have unique working stories to tell below.

Find out more about working in Northumberland:

Reasons to build your career


Take a look at the North East Chamber of Commerce’s great reasons to build your career here for more information on opportunities an expected salaries.

House prices


With house prices considerably lower than the national average (*£153,459 in Northumberland compared to £248,611) you’ll find plenty of choice to set up home in one of our thriving market towns or welcoming villages.

Schools and education


Northumberland has a range of excellent schools with the majority rated outstanding or good.

You can find out more about term dates, school admissions, transport and free school meals on our council website.  

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