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Connecting with nature


When you think of business coaching you might think of a (dull) course in a hotel meeting room surrounded by flip charts and PowerPoint presentations. Enter Karl Beckett, business coach and nature lover who has swapped the boardroom for the beach, encouraging his clients to get outdoors and up-close with nature to clear their minds and improve performance.

Connecting with the abundance of incredible natural resources right on his doorstep, Karl uses the metaphors he finds in nature to help his clients think differently about the challenges they face. By going to back to basics - walking, exploring and breathing in the Northumbrian landscape -  Karl  gives people a break from their busy lives with life-changing results.

Video coming soon...

You get out and you start to feel like a kid again! You're getting out, you're climbing hills, you're seeing nature and I think we all need to have that in our day-to-day lives.

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