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Blyth Tall Ship

We're going on an adventure... the cry from Clive Grey and his team of local craftsmen and engineers who are meticulously restoring their magnificent wooden tall ship, the Williams II, as they prepare to rediscover Antartica. 


Almost 200 years ago Captain William Smith, born and raised in Seaton Sluice, discovered the polar region from the Williams - a ship he built in Blyth. In August 2019, the Blyth Tall Ship restoration and training project will come to fruition as locals set sail to relive the original Williams voyage in a year-long adventure across the seas. 


Buoyed by the ingenuity and vision of their forbearers, Clive and his team are readying themselves, and Northumberland, to show the world that the original spirit of adventure and enterprise that changed history lives on in Blyth.

The expedition aims to showcase the North East's talent, engineering and technology on a world stage, and in conjunction with Newcastle University, undertake meaningful marine science.

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