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The Bassett Family

Isn't Northumberland somewhere above Hull?


When Wing Commander Darren Bassett was told he was being assigned to RAF Boulmer in Northumberland for two years, his wife and he were not entirely sure where they would be living - "isn’t it somewhere above Hull?!" After finding out it was just a 'touch' further north and settling into their new home, they were anxious to get out and explore the coast and countryside. Armed with a map of the county (with castles marked, hill walks plotted and key pubs listed!) their adventures began - 18 months on and with scores of days out under their belts, the family has loved their time here as Dad Darren, reflects:


"As I write this, I feel like the family are on a holiday with time running out, so much to do and so little time to do it so we are making the most of everyday that we are fortunate enough to reside in Northumberland. It is a remarkable county with a magical feel and the most welcoming of people. When my family finally leaves, it will be with a heavy heart, but I would like to thank all those who have made and will continue to make our Northumberland adventure so amazing, it is a county that has captured our imagination and our hearts!"

When we first arrived, in summer 2017, we enjoyed the peaceful nature of the coastal areas, only meeting a handful of people while out walking, often stopping to exchange recommendations on where to explore next.  In relation to our recently departed southern home, it was a great surprise to us to be told this was busy! 

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