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Tynedale Women's Rugby

Proud to play for their county... and their country


If you think Northumberland's young women are content watching the boys hog the sporting limelight, you'd be wrong! Women's rugby in Northumberland is on the up, with the girls in our film demonstrating a passion for the sport that is helping to push the women's game forward, further and faster than ever before.

Meet two high-flying England women's players, Holly Thorpe and Maisie James, coach Annie and North of England and Premiership Academy team mates who train at Tynedale Rugby Club in Corbridge, Northumberland. Hear their inspiring story of how the county has impacted their lives on and off the pitch and how the opportunities they have had training here have helped them go on to play for their country.

Northumberland and the community, the  coaches, the parents, the other players - they have made me want to play rugby so going to another county just wouldn't cut it! 

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