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Where cocoa meets creativity


Established in 1985, Sweetdreams chocolatiers in Cramlington have been delighting generations of customers with their tasty choc nibbles brand of confectionary. Since Matthew Stephenson bought the business in 2007 with his wife Cathy the business has gone from strength to strength with a £500,000 investment in a new 15,000sqft factory triggering a massive boost in production and creating a variety of new jobs.

Although the Sweetdreams team are hugely passionate about their much-loved choc nibbles brand they are focussed firmly on the future and busy themselves with creating a huge variety of innovative and exciting chocolate-based products for customers far and wide. Watch their story below and try not to drool! 

People can come here and find us to be a good, friendly bunch, but technically we are at the top of our game.

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