Stories of  lockdown

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Creating an archive for the future...

We’re compiling the stories and artworks of people across Northumberland to illustrate what life has been like during lockdown.


We are looking for submissions from people of all ages and abilities of pieces of art, diary entries, poetry, or anything else that you used to express yourself during lockdown.  


Some of these pieces will be saved into the Northumberland Archives so that future generations can look back and know what it was like during lockdown.  

Please submit your entry using the form below by 18th February 2021. We can accept files up to 15MB - to send larger files, use a file sharing service such as WeTransfer and send this separate to your form submission at 

  • Image - jpeg, png, bmp, tiff  

  • Video - mp4, mpg, mkv, avi  

  • Audio - mp3, wav  

  • Documents - Word files or pdfs  


We can only select a limited number of pieces to preserve - if your piece is selected, you will be given a receipt by the archives to show that it has been added to the collection. 


Exhibition - Your work may also be included in an online exhibition on this website where we will also share videos and audio clips from people who volunteered or worked during lockdown.  


We will launch our exhibition on the anniversary of the first lockdown, 23rd March, where we hope you’ll join us to discover the amazing breadth of experiences and the huge creativity of the people of Northumberland.  

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