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Hadrian's Wall Partnership

Mile after mile of opportunities

Two thousand years ago, Hadrian’s Wall was the place to be. It was an internationally recognised centre for power, for trade, for cultural exchange, for diversity. Now, more than ever, the Wall is casting its magic over the county and inspiring people to use its iconic status to enrich their lives and businesses. 


As one of the country’s major ancient tourist attractions, Hadrian’s Wall has proven fertile ground for a diverse and growing crop of small businesses keen to capitalise on their enviable position along Britain’s largest Roman archaeological feature. From quirky holiday lets, to wedding venues, tea rooms, and artisan craftsmen and food producers, businesses both new and established have thrived thanks to the support of the Hadrian's Wall Partnership who work to conserve and enhance the enduring appeal of Hadrian’s Wall.

Watch our short film and learn why chair of the partnership, Jane Gibson, and small business owners think that Northumberland is the place for them to thrive. 


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