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Dipsticks Research

"Clarity through insight"


In 1996 John and Fiona Raglan started Dipsticks Research from their home in Allendale. Fast forward 22 years and what started on the kitchen table has blossomed into one of the most reputable and successful independent, full service market research agencies in the UK. With an enviable portfolio of household name clients and an in-house panel of 280,000 members willing to share their opinions with the world, Dipsticks Research has spread its wings far beyond its old mill offices in Hexham. Yet despite this reach and the fact that over 90% of their clients are in London, Fiona Raglan and the team at Dipsticks have made the very deliberate decision to stay in Northumberland.  


Why shun the bright lights and big cities? Find out for yourself in their story...

We can compete with the bigger companies, mostly based in London, and we can go head to head with them knowing that we have got cost effective resources being based here in Hexham.

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