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Alnwick Garden

A garden for everyone

To think of The Alnwick Garden is to think of dancing fountains, enchanted pools, fancy flowers and a blizzard of springtime cherry blossom. It's a magical place where 350,000 visitors a year flock to see how a huge helping of imagination has shaped nature into spectacular structures and spaces. 

However, dig deeper and you'll discover that The Alnwick Garden is an important place for many local people who engage in its valuable and much-loved community programmes.


For many the garden is a lifeline, providing education, enrichment and fun... just listen to one of the garden's head gardeners George who oversees his junior horticulturists in the Roots and Shoots schools' garden as well as ensuring bumper harvests at the Gentleman's Garden Club where camaraderie and capers are as plentiful as the veg!

When we are planting I like to feel the soil in my hands and it's nice to be out in the sunshine after being in hospital for so long. It's just wonderful and I really look forward to it.  

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