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Be part of a journey of discovery around the British Isles

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Clive Grey and his team aboard the Blyth Tall Ship
Clive Grey and his team aboard the Blyth Tall Ship

How would you like to be part of an historic voyage around the British Isles in a 100 year-old sailing ship?

Blyth Tall Ship, a charity set up in 2009, is behind the epic journey which will set sail from Blyth in March this year.

Stopping at 10 ports along the way, before returning to Blyth on 1st June, the voyage is part of The Williams Expedition, which aims to recreate the discovery of Antarctica made 200 years ago by Captain William Smith, of Seaton Sluice.

A 100-year-old Danish ship has been restored by local volunteers and apprentices and The Williams II, is now very similar to the original and ready for the journey.

Volunteers are still being sought for this once in a lifetime trip. If chosen you’ll join the crew for six days at sea learning all the skills needed to potentially be part of the bigger expedition to Antarctica later in the year.

A number of free places are on offer for unemployed people in Northumberland.

To apply to become a volunteer go to

The project has also recently become an Ad Star for the newly launched Discover our Land campaign, led by Northumberland County Council. The campaign will shine a light on the county as somewhere not just to visit, but to raise a family, build a career or establish and grow a business.

Clive Gray, chief executive of Blyth Tall Ship, said: “To think that the discovery of Antarctica was made by someone born right here in Northumberland is mind-blowing and not something which has been celebrated enough.

“We are taking the local community on a similar journey of discovery by recreating many of its aspects both in engineering and seafaring and celebrating that spirit of adventure and energy demonstrated by Captain William Smith 200 years ago.

“We are delighted to be part of the Discover our Land campaign which is telling the stories of the amazing things happening in Northumberland. We should be hugely proud of our past and our heritage but also celebrate our future. Through this project we want to be able to promote the talent and enterprise in Northumberland.”

Cath Homer, cabinet member for Culture, Arts, Tourism and Leisure at the council, said: “Before launching Discover our Land we went on a journey of discovery ourselves and uncovered some amazing stories, of innovation, ideas and adventure. Blyth Tall Ship was one of those stories which shows the passion and pride of people living and working in this county. I wish everyone involved in the project the best of luck with the trip around the British Isles which we will be following with great interest.

“Discover our Land will champion everything that is great about Northumberland and we encourage everyone in the county to get behind it and share their stories with us.”

Funding is still being sought by the Tall Ship team for equipment for the round Britain voyage and longer expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, anyone who is interested should contact Clive at

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