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Northern Wilds

The good life...


Northumberland is a place of obvious treasures - castles, coastline and craggs. Look closer though and you can discover an abundant, hidden cache of natural riches right under your feet.


Clutching the keys to this fascinating world are Linus Morton and Louise Hepworth, who have dedicated themselves to an environmentally friendly way of living and to their business, Northern Wilds. Through a range of natural products, foraging and cooking courses, recipes and wild food catering wagon, Northern Wilds explores the natural produce that the Northumberland landscape has to offer by foraging from its bountiful forests, fields and moors and introducing people to a more traditional and sustainable way of life. 

Louise was a ‘city dweller’ before meeting Linus and moving to Northumberland where she experienced a transformative revelation and amused many in the villages passing them with her foraging basket declaring with both astonishment and enthusiasm that ‘there’s food outside!’

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