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Moorland Spirit

From the soil to the glass...

Away from the noise and the stresses of the rest of the world exists a quiet, calm place where you can hear the beating heart of nature - the Northumberland Moors. Capturing the spirit of a county in a bottle as it turns out is a complex task, but the distillers - or even alchemists - at Moorland Spirit are succeeding in exporting the purity of the Northumberland Moors through their much commended (and commanded!) Hepple Gin.


With a proud and distinguished history of producing excellent food, Northumberland's producers have long served the rest of the UK, but a growing number of artisans are making their mark not just on the UK, but on the rest of the world. Hepple Gin is one such venture with an expanding repertoire of fans across the globe keen to experience their own taste of Northumberland.